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To me, playing with a premade character is anathema to the entire purpose of playing an RPG with custom character creation.

This ^^^.

One of the worst flaws in DOS2 was the "origin" system. To remove the "roleplay" from a character detached from any story elements i.e. custom character, the origin characters needed to be unversally appeling which they weren't. This is fine for the speedrunners and meta-builders but utterly trash for roleplaying. Some people like to add a bit of their own imagination and backstory to a RPG.

I dunno, to each their own I quess. It seems superfluous adding a bunch of origins for the sake of a small side quest or two. Better to fill the characters with personallity and reactions to the protagonists personal contribution rather than convoluted story elements that require multiple story permutations per chartacter/race/class/god....Seems like making alot of work for yourself especially if only a small number of people will even bother with origins.

It kind of worked in DOS2 I don't see it being as popular in BG.