I wish I could just like a post. Fully agree on your view of Sebille vs. Astarion in Early Access.
Astarion and Red Prince almost feel like they are written by the same writter? But I wasn't able to find who actually wrote either.

To be honest ever since getting Astarion for the first time I didn't fully trust the character's intentions and I don't think I do even now, after multiple playthroughs with him in the party.
I'd expect him to be at least a bit more smart, calculating, unless he is calculating something else entirely...
Maybe he just has perma loose screws from 200 years of slavery. That's okay, some of my planned characters will still get along with him!

I need to know what the heck the purpose of the 'poem' on his back is.

“There is only one thing we say to Death:
Not today.”