There are a lot of very good suggestions like the one of group hide and jump. That would be great. Also that the places you could walk or jump could be seen. Right now, it is difficult to know which places you can reach.

My wishlist:

1. Origin/stories for custom characters. Not being sidequick to the companions, have your own thing.
2. Diviner subclass from PHB
3. More feats. Specially the ones who aren't just for fighters
4. Summonings.
5. Option to use spells in conversation. Like friendship and charm.
6. More companions and the ability to customize them a bit
7. Less empty containers and more varied equipment. For example: it would be nice to have more clothes models. Diferent colors. To be able to die your armour/clothes. While we have several necklaces, there are few rings, boots, or gloves. No belts and there is no crafting.
8. Fix the scenes triggering so if you qualify at some point you won't miss it for not resting and then miss the rest of the scenes for having missed the first one. Also, the scenes shouldn't depend mostly on using the tadpole powers, because then, many people would miss them.