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Sorry but i laughing.
I mean the whole 5e Edition rules where made with the mindset of easy rules and streamlined combat for a better RP experience and needs a Gamemaster.
Now people need an excuse to make it more complex because they lack interesting Encounter design and search for answers in a more complex ruleset.
The bitter reality is Larian needs better Encounter design with Triggerzones, Traps, different AI behavior and destroyable and usable interior.
Or its better to scrap 5e rules and go backwards to a more complex system 3e or 4e without bending the rules and create new construction sites from balancing standpoints.

Its Larian which must provide a Editor which is capable of simulate a Gamemaster when use 5e rules and not the cheap excuse of homebrew rules because the editor is not capable of something such elemental tasks.
Maybe use the Starcraft RTS Editor next time plus we have animated portraits.

The game is developed with the permission of Wizards of the Coast. There's no chance they'd let an official D&D game use an older edition.