One thing that got to me reading the last interview Sven did with some news channel.

There he said, not exactly these words, but it's what I understood from it "We had to force our writers to put in the evil choices in the scenes" because they tend to be good.

I think they need a few people specifically to lay out the evil routes.

Most of us struggle to be evil, but there are ways in which being evil can actually be enjoyable.

I've said it many times, and most people I read here tend to suggest something along the same lines: Currently there's chaotic evil path, it's weird, it's like burning everything for the sake of saying "I'm the bad guy". That's fine.

What we need is neutral and lawful evil options, like manipulating people into doing your dirty work and just harvesting the results or convincing one faction to attack the other, or even corrupting some of the people to overthrow their leadership and become your pawns.

I think most of what is lacking is a means to solve stuff in an evil way without combat.

Anyways, this topic is of extreme importance to me. I hope they do something about it.