Wyll is one buggy fella. He is disappointed in me after leaving the burning village alledgely having done nothing to help. After some research i unbugged it a bit by going to the noble though back door (locked one with cutscene), i got the quest to rescue the kidnapped what's his name but the quest still states i couldn't save anyone in the village.
Then i took Wyll near the windmill and oh boy was he a pain in the ass. 1. knocked goblin out with Laezel far from Wyll -> he didn't join the dialogue. 2. knocked goblin out with MC -> somehow i kept killing him even though pressing knock out. Many times. Or making him unconscious and unresponsive. 3. knocked out properly, Wyll says his part and wants me to kill the gob, i kill it, Wyll proceeds to yell 'what have you done, i had questions'. 4. refuse to kill the gob, 3 companions disapprove, Wyll furious. I used to like Wyll, you know.
- peacefull encounter with githyanki patrol - i should search bodies for clues but no githyanki bodies, no clues.
- after abovementioned and removing Laezel from party i can't interact with her in the camp, can't re-add
- there were also this few reloads when i featherflied from spiders to underdark and Laezel could do nothing in the fight sans walking, action dot and triangle present but somehow couldn't attack, throw, drink, anything
- game crashes when i change windows too quickly after clicking load
- karlach(?) quest not ending - killed palladins and i tell her about it over and over, quest log doesn't update
- camera gets stucked on cliffs
- Shadowheart reveals she is a cleric of Shar like i haven't seen it on her charakter sheet every day... Big news, girl
- similarly, Astarion walks a few days naked in my camp cause i gave his +1 armor to Wyll, i see those fangs when he speaks, i see his bite Marks, we have an awkward and unsurprising naked scene when he wants to suck me (oh rly, how could he be a vamp?!) and goes away into the forest, showing me some glorious scarifications on his (naked) back. Some time later he gets laid and insists i shan't see his scars cause he hasn't seen them himself. A bit too late, buddy. Couldn't he get some victorian undershirt to prevent me from seeing his back?
- characters that aren't in active party don't rest, don't regenerate