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and none of them were forced to be companions.

Yes, there were a few with bad backgrounds. There were more with good backgrounds.

Bg3 so far. All companions have tadpoles. Half dont want anything to do with you.

All railroaded and forced to join you because of tadpole.

Back to the topic of origins.

In my opinion. Better approach is to treat it as bg2 did. Background unlocked through conversation and rp with characters.

Making origins of companions part of the game play? No.

Especially if the plan is to only limited companions.

Instead of spending the resources for that origin play.... use the resources to add more companion, and axe the origin play.

Even if the characters of origin are removed. I doubt we will get more companions.
The number of companions is not a problem, 8 is a good amount (maybe 1 or 2 more will come).
The fact that out of the present companions 3 are evil (although in the case of one can argue), still we get 3 more that are good.

Since larian believes that the mechanics are worth keeping, it means that many players like it.
Deleting it because you don't like it is kinda selfish.

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