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The Grove strait up cant support the Tieflings, the druids were living in balence with nature before they showed up, they cant just conjure infinite food.

I noticed from your previous attempt at a reply you are a simpleton so what i say will be very difficult to understand for you.

1. There is nothing in the game that says the grove cannot "straight up" support the Tieflings.

- The Tieflings dont want to stay - in - the - grove. Mkay?

2. there is nothing in the game that says or presents that "druids were living in a balance with nature before they showed up" or that balance was especially inbalanced by refugees - while apparently NOT by a rampaging third force destroying everything and killing everyone...

3. If you had ability to read words i wrote, and ability to understand them, you would have seen that "conjuring infinite food" is not needed at all.

Its just that you are so stupid you cant.

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Then Olodin tells Kagha about the Absolute's forces mustering, she really didn't have any option but to kick the teiflings out

Only if you are a complete idiot.

Would be a potential suicidie. Druids always care about theyr own agenda. And is always paramount to them to keep going at it does not matter what happens around them till they are under a direct threat.

... they are... under.... a direct threat.

They are yes. But usually Goblins don't threat Druidic circles why would they? Usually Druid don't care about the presence of goblin. They are now under threat and they blame the opening to the outsiders ((not all of them)) as a main reason for it. In the end those adventurers got themself in a skirmish with the goblins and did lead them to the grove. The difference is those are not in fact simple goblins. They follow the Absolute and they have allies that normally would never have. All of this makes this goblins bold enough bold to raid villages. But before the Adventurer incident the Circle had no reason to believe the goblins were a threat this is also why they see the refugees with bad eyes. Is also explain to you that since the presence of the refugees monsters in the reason becomed way more aggressive and this is a reason of concern. So is easy to see how the druids are considering this opening to the Refugees cause of trouble. Again their main agenda is to protect the circle at any costs. Khaga may have her reasons but that dosn't change the fact she is a lot extremist in the druidic way even if somehow contain herself. A shadow druid would had simple attacked the Refugees directly and force them to leave or they would had simply exteminated them in order to keep the Circle safe and unnoticed. Is a chain of events that brought in that situation however Khaga while her motivation would be valid in this case is way more alligned to the violent part of the nature. The comments she makes if you have a drow character give more insight on how she act and thinks as she actually admires Drow.

To me the narration of the Groove is well made. Following perfectly the lore and also the druidic mindset it can be confused because is not presented totally to you as a RL situation would be. If you want to have more insight you have to work for it and search for it. Khaga journal is a good example.