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The initial vendor doesnt tell you that at all. He tells you that he doesnt have much and then sells you food, healing potions, +1 weapons and gear. The camp is full of food in various containers. there is a second trader-smith that can sell you more, A cooking lady that gives you a broth - with more food right next to her on the table. And auntie Ethel.

I already addressed the store room, actual natural area of the grovve that includes a river, fact that druids can use their magic to grow food and help refugees to grow more. All that, you simply refused to read.
Just s you can make hilarious claims about me not even playing - while you continuously show you dont remember the very parts of dialogue you think support your ... ideas.

You again simply fail to acknowledge or consider that refugees dont want to stay in the grove, and the fact that the grove leadership is somehow simply not interested in forces attacking the grove and destroying the whole area around it.
While closing the grove will only achieve they remain in constant indefinite siege, completely surrounded - while not even knowing what is attacking them and what capabilities those forces have.
Which, according to you is the best course of action.

Is not uncommon for Druid to act in this way. Consider the Ritual of Isolation is not jus simply conjuring a barrier druidic magic is absolutely different and way more intricate. This is a common pratice of defence when Druids are under threat isolate the Druidic circle to then come back eventually when the situation will be less hot. Of course the resources refugees have is another problem they may have not much in term of weaponry but they don't lack food at the moment. And that is basically what concern the druids most. The over consuming of the place they have a circle in resources. If you notice around the camp there are improvvised home or structure made of wood those are not made by druid hand. The druids stay inside theyr circle in the ruins they have also room with beds. So most likely the refugees built the gates and the wooden structures as well. Only that alone can be seen problematic for a druid. Druids dislike universally one thing. Civilization. They dislike to see trees cut down to make space to cities village or camps. Some druids learned to cohexist with this. In the case of Mielikki followers that may result less closed. Or Chauntea ones. They will be the ones helping with crops cultivation. But Silvanus is different. The cult of Silvanus is often very isolated and not much open to outsiders. Silvanus also known has Father Oak is not even a divinity good alligned to start with he is in fact a neutral God all Sylvanus followers want is Balance now this can go well or bad. There are many various individuals in the cult of Sylvanus a druidic Cyrcle of Silvanus followers can be composed even by evil or good druids as well most of them are neutral so they usually act on what they decide is better to the moment. If it was instead a Circle devoted to Mielikki or Chauntea probably the druids would had helped them gladly with the hope to teach them to respect balance.

Is not running out of food the problem. Is the deplection of the nautral resources around the circle because of the Refugees. Yes they can cast goodberries. But for a divine caster abusing of power is not something that is acceptable to do. They have those powers but is a good pratice to use them only if necessary.

"The church of Silvanus is spread everywhere across Faerun and is far stronger than many might think. Nevertheless, most outsiders view the church of Chauntea, as patrons of agriculture, as being favorably inclined towards the expansion of civilization, while the church of Silvanus is the implacable foe of those who would settle new lands. Neither impression is correct, yet the church of the Oak Father is often perceived as little different from those faiths that venerate the Deities of Fury."

Dogma of SIlvanus
"Silvanus sees and balances all, meting out wild water and drought, fire, and ice, life and death. Hold your distance and take in the total situation, rather than latching on to the popular idea of what is best. All is in a cycle, deftly and beautifully balanced. It is the duty of the devout to see this cycle and the sacred Balance as clearly as possible. Make others see the Balance and work against those that would disturb it. Watch, anticipate, and quietly manipulate. Resort to violence and open confrontation only when pressured by time or hostile action. Fight against the felling of forests, banish disease wherever you find it, defend the trees, and plant new flora wherever possible. Seek out, serve, and befriend the dryads and learn their names. Kill only when needful, destroy fire and its employers, and beware orcs and others who bring axes into the forest."

So in the eyes of the Druis the arrival of the Refugees and the old Archdruid accepting them in was see like a disturbance of balance. They also say that since the Refugee arrivals creatures in the area turned way more hostile. While this is true or just a coincidence they have reasons to believe this Refugees must move away and quick. On the other hand after the goblin attacks Refugees can't simply move away as they are many and they would likely draw attention and get attacked in the way. So we have Khaga that wants the Refugees out. And the Refugees being stuck in the choice between a bad situation and another bad situation.

Also Khaga is more alligned with the Shadow Druids. And those are way more drastic in theyr manner to act.

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