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This is a common pratice of defence when Druids are under threat isolate the Druidic circle to then come back eventually when the situation will be less hot.

I understood you the first time. They have no idea when the situation will become less hot. In fact f Kagha geiousplan wors things will only become more hot. indefinitely. And they fail to even be interested in who the enemies are and what capabilities they have. This also - again for the fifteenth time - will result in destruction of the whole area around the grove, mass murders and destruction of nature. - i.e. destruction of balance. While putting the grove into a permanent siege and encirclement. With no option to affect that situation in any way but just wait until the enemy manages to figure out some way to get in and kill them all. This of course is something not available to player characters to point out.

Kagha on the other hand being a Shadowdruid - only not - apparently - according to you would kill refugees - but somehow refuses to even consider the other attacking force which is just fine... everything is going swimmingly.
Ill just kill the refugees - although they have nothing to do with hostilities and attacks. Only she doesnt. because... i dunno, electrolytes? Only she wants the out like right now, but doesnt want to know anything about the attacking force...

Thats just... amazing.

Of course the resources refugees have is another problem they may have not much in term of weaponry but they don't lack food at the moment.

Wut? Didnt you notice that Tiefling smith making +1 armors gear and weapons? They dont lack food for the moment? What does that mean?
How come? Seeing how they are ruining the natural resources and whatnot?

So most likely the refugees built the gates and the wooden structures as well. Only that alone can be seen problematic for a druid.

Never mentioned by anyone in the game. And even if it gets into some NPCs dialogue the player wont be able to address it in any way. Or to point out that refugees actually want to gtfo.

Dogma of SIlvanus
"Silvanus sees and balances all, meting out wild water and drought, fire, and ice, life and death. Hold your distance and take in the total situation, rather than latching on to the popular idea of what is best. All is in a cycle, deftly and beautifully balanced. It is the duty of the devout to see this cycle and the sacred Balance as clearly as possible. Make others see the Balance and work against those that would disturb it. Watch, anticipate, and quietly manipulate. Resort to violence and open confrontation only when pressured by time or hostile action. Fight against the felling of forests, banish disease wherever you find it, defend the trees, and plant new flora wherever possible. Seek out, serve, and befriend the dryads and learn their names. Kill only when needful, destroy fire and its employers, and beware orcs and others who bring axes into the forest."

Umm... just wow.

Allright i try to be more clear sorry english is not my first language so please bear with me.
The druidic circle is a place of mystical power for the druids so important that if that would be destroyed would cause most of the time a chain reaction all around that would create a damage that could not be undone so easily. Even if the groove and the area around the grove would be torn down but the circle would survive the druid could replants trees bring back animals with no problem. If instead the circle is destroyed that would be way more difficoult to do. This is why for druids is paramount the circle will survive at any cost. Consider also that a ritual like Khaga wants to do would shield totally the Circle is more easy to take a well defended fortress than penetrate in the defence of a ritual so complex. The goblin would simply not be capable to do it Absolute or not this is how powerful this ritual is. Khaga is in a problematic situation as she gained consensus but nobody is aware she is a shadow druid((or most likely being manipulated by them)) aside of the shadow druids hidden whiting the grove. She is slowly bringing the circle on the side of the Shadowdruids see that as a sort of mindset corruption going on. Being way too directly drastic would make her lose the consensus she gained and with that the position of it.

The attacking force situation is a bit problematic see the old Archdruid were aware of this new situation with the goblins however he went away with the adventurersd and got captured in the end.That probably given Khaga the opportunity to gain consensous and end as Archdruid. Druids are the most problematic character or NPC to deal with. Their way of reasoning usually elused the common way of thinking the game gives hint that since the Refugee arrivals the situation on the Grove and surrounding becomed way more violent. Of course Khaga is lacking the general picture of it but she dislike outsiders coming in to the Grove and if was for her probably those refugees were sent away and would never had been taken in.

A druid usually think in the long run.
Imagine this you are a Druid and you can see this new people coming in your sacred grove they start to build shelter eating food from wilderness and consume they are many so there is the danger they would actually bring problems to the Balance of the Areas. Then you have the area turning more violent. On all of this a nautiloid crashed in to the ground probably destroying part of the nearby wilderness like if this was not enough a group of adventured chased by goblins brought them to the Grove.

Now is easy to understand why Khaga don't want the Refugees and want to sent them out quickly as possible. Is also even esier to understand why she is preparing a ritugal that would cause the grove to be sealed and impenetrable to save the Druidic Circle.

Also is a druidic circle of Silvanus they always tend to avoid open confrontation. As for the refugee they want indeed to leave but they did reiceved an attack they have childrens and some people that are not even fighters. Venturing out toward Baldur's Gate is a huge risk of them because in the end they are many and they would be noticed. I can undestand both points of view. Like i said is a complex situation for both and is even worse as Khaga i think is being manipulated by the Shadow Druids.

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