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Could use some statistics from DoS2 how many people finished the game as a custom character. It may turn out that the "origin" system may have been more popular than we think.

That wouldn’t be very helpful though. I, for one, on both my playthroughs played as pre-made characters because a quick google revealed that custom characrters will simply be a weaker experience. Still, it doesn’t change a fact that I enjoyed neither my PCs nor companions.

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A lot of people like to play predefined characters.
Such characters usually have a better connection to the game world.
Games like witcher and me are popular for a reason.
In the case of custom characters, writing a story of their own for them is difficult because it would require them to have some kind of "frame".

Yes, but Witcher or Mass Effect has little to do with what Larian does.

Witcher or Mass Effects work, because they are crafted around the pre-made character. There is a benefit of defining the player character, and even though Witcher or Mass Effect might put their RPG-ness into question, there are great RPGs with pre-determined character and wide range of player expression (Deus Ex, Planescape, Disco Elysium). Larian games don’t have this advantage, because they are not crafted around single PC: it’s still build around MULTIPLE “pre-defined” characters as well as custom ones. They still have “frames” overriding whatever character we play as (Godwoken in D:OS2, infected by tadpoles in BG3). Motivating the player, while allowing them for a range of characters to play as is challenging I am sure. And don’t make a mistake - blank slates are also “written”. Who you can be is always defined by devs. I just don’t think what Larian does works very well outside multiplayer matchmaking.

I know who my Geralt is. I know who my Shepard is. I also know who Liara, Garrus and Wrex are. I know who my 3 different PC is Pillars of Eternity are. I can describe Eder, Aloth and Durance. But I have no idea who Ifan is even though I played him for over 100 hours. I wasn’t able to define him, nor was I able to learn about him while playing. I don’t know who Red Prince or Sebille is... outside vignettes made for their origins.

There's also that, unless Larian's got unlimitied resources, one single protagonist is always gonna feel more focused and be better than 5/6/7 who need to share the spotlight. I'm sure that in DoS:2 a couple of the origins, if not more, were lackluster compared to the others. I don't wanna say it's gonna be worse here, 'cause i imagine the work required to make it all work will be way more, but eh. Usually when games spread themselves too thin they suffer in the later parts.

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