Gah - don't me started on getting rid of our (UK) tanks.

There was the possibility of getting rid of MBTs mooted at one point, but it was just a suggestion and will (hopefully) not be taken up. What has happened is the adoption of the Ajax; intended as a reconnaissance vehicle but which has now been earmarked to replace Challenger 2s in one of our three remaining tank regiments. The King’s Royal Hussars will become a 'medium' armour regiment.

The trouble with Ajax is that it is taller than Challenger 2, too wide to be transported by air, is less protected in its base form than the Warrior IFV, and uses a 40mm gun that trials have suggested will jam if used when travelling. The ammunition is also from a single external source (USA); our Ajax-equipped forces therefore need to rely on supplies from overseas with no domestic supplier. If the USA ever decides it does not agree with our Foreign policy (Suez anyone?) it could cripple our armoured forces by restricting or cutting ammunition supplies.

Getting rid of tanks would be a ridiculous decision (not that an armchair warrior in Whitehall won't make it). One of those ideas that sounds logical when you are fighting asymmetric conflicts against a low-tech enemy, but which is suicidal when fighting a near-peer enemy. Should the British Army need to be deployed to the Baltics or Ukraine, or if another Gulf War breaks out, tanks are going to be vital fighting units and we have too few of them as it is.

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