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Welp guess I'll have to obsess over a new companion, I really hope they dont build up his entire arc and romance only to have him stab you in the back, I understand it's for all the evil playthroughs etc. But itll still be kinda disappointing

Do be fair I can see Astarion, if he doesn't get corrupted by Absolute and power hunt wanting an out of being a vampire completely. The main reason, that I see is his clear enjoyment from the sun.
I can imagine he should be partly concious, that being a vampire seems like and evil mindset loop.
I could see how a player could convince him to give it up, if it becomes an option (kinda unlikely, but with the involvement of gods in the plot...).
Also, they kinda said, that you have a chance to build relationship with any of the characters.
I believe that there must a be a way that Astarion just stays with you, otherwise why even make him Origin character and playable by players?

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