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Anyways, you might not have seen this, but the Gur will actually say a different name, when you question him with speak with the dead and disguise - youtube vid for reference.
Maiden Fel

So I am not entirely sure if Cazador is still in fact behind this,...

Can't say I saw this before (interesting), although I was talking about Gur incident that took place right before he became a vampire. That one was clearly a setup that was most likely done by Cazador since his timing was too convenient.
it doesn't explain the 'poem' on his back.

I saw some claim that a tiefling mc will comment on it and claim that is of fiendish origin. I don't know in which instances does this trigger though. I had him naked and my tiefling mc didn't say a damn thing about the thing on his back. I assume it happens if you romance him? Can't confirm since I didn't romance him, or anyone in general in either of my playthroughs.
Either way, it is clear that his "poem" has something to do with the devil rather than just mere vampires.

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Welp guess I'll have to obsess over a new companion, I really hope they dont build up his entire arc and romance only to have him stab you in the back, I understand it's for all the evil playthroughs etc. But itll still be kinda disappointing

I saw some datamined sound files in which he is talking as...selfless guy? Like, he was telling you that you should help people no matter what. Which was a very un-Astarion thing to say. If this is anything to go by, then it seems that perhaps we will be able to affect our companions' alignments with our actions.