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Anyways, you might not have seen this, but the Gur will actually say a different name, when you question him with speak with the dead and disguise - youtube vid for reference.
Maiden Fel

So I am not entirely sure if Cazador is still in fact behind this,...

Astarion tells you that Cazador probably hired the guy through an intermediary. I'm more confused about how the monster hunter didn't recognize his target when he was talking to him. Then again, monster hunters - and people in general - seem very bad at spotting vampires in this game.

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I assume it happens if you romance him?

Yup, only if you choose him at the party.

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I saw some datamined sound files in which he is talking as...selfless guy? Like, he was telling you that you should help people no matter what.

Those might be lines for when you play him as an origin character. You can probably shape his personality to be more altruistic.