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I saw some claim that a tiefling mc will comment on it and claim that is of fiendish origin. I don't know in which instances does this trigger though. I had him naked and my tiefling mc didn't say a damn thing about the thing on his back. I assume it happens if you romance him? Can't confirm since I didn't romance him, or anyone in general in either of my playthroughs.
Either way, it is clear that his "poem" has something to do with the devil rather than just mere vampires.

Cazador's poem has been transcribed.
The problem is that there isn't really dictionary for infernal, so hard to know if we learn anything more about it in early access... My bet is no.

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Astarion tells you that Cazador probably hired the guy through an intermediary. I'm more confused about how the monster hunter didn't recognize his target when he was talking to him. Then again, monster hunters - and people in general - seem very bad at spotting vampires in this game.

Sure. Astarion might be right. But I hardly believe everything he says.
The entire hunter encounter doesn't make sense, as you mentioned, the hunter doesn't recognize him, but Cazador is clearly smart enough to call in a favor from
Maiden Fel? And the reason? Even monsters have nightmares? Is this Maiden Fel just leader of his 'gur' people?
To me this sounds possibly like another plot.

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Not today.”