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I don't want any house rules. Can I please have a version of 5E that simply implements 5E: house rules are always a bad idea in a game as playtested as this.

I want house rules. I don't want to have to find diamonds to raise the dead. Heck, I don't want any spell components. I don't want to spend hours scribing new spells or to made to chase down the ink and paper to scribe them.

What I don't want is the presumption that the rules don't port well to video games and need to be improved. And I certainly don't want the devs to think they have advice on how to improve D&D. The house rules should be in line with the sort of house rules that other D&D games have implemented.

Yes exactly; no one would complain about Larian extrapolating spell components away to mere flavor text, gp, or whatever.

Presupposing the rules don't work in a videogame, especially because they so obviously work really well as evidenced by the success of Solasta (a janky, indie, labor of love to 5E), is an arrogant mistake.

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Just to explain some of DnD5e in case you don’t know. 99% of the spells forces a saving throw.

I love when someone says something super smug and sassy like "just to explain some of DnD5e in case you don't know" . . . and then follows it with something completely incorrect.

I love when someone says that something is completely incorrect but don’t bring the arguments over the table. Please, share with the community the spells that have an spell attack property and target the target AC instead of forcing a saving throw.

See you later

He was attacking your hyperbole of exactly 99%, not your essential statement that most spells require a saving throw. I haven't even checked, but I'm pretty sure that you're correct. That being said, his attack was in bad faith because I think everyone understood your premise.