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It's going to get shouty anyway, you know that. Someone will claim that Teh Tiger is teh awesome and I will have to point out it isn't, and that the MG42 fires literally eleventy billion times a second and is the best gun in the history of ever and I'll say it's kinda cool and interesting but fundamentally horrible, inaccurate and a liability. *snip*

I don't think many people would disagree. In the end Germany with their " Pyfekt , JA VOHL" MG42 lost. And there's a reason for it. For every 8 man squad armed with an MG42 2 more men had to follow them with ammunition.
In the meantime M1 Garands assisted with BARs (Or cal.30 on larger operations) could output similar firepower. Well, not similar but it allowed suppressing fire to be effective.

Also after the war Americans used some of the MG42 systems and ...nerfed them. Because of the above. That's how the M60 was born. Rambo exists because of it. We can salute the MG42 for giving us Rambo + a tragic backstory for our civilization and leave it here.

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Hmmm....It's tricky.....I don't have enough up to date knowledge to comment to any degree.. As you say, in the ideal tank on tank conditions, you need a good tank (obviously) but if future wars (the less the better) are going to be against low tech adversaries probably in urban settings, do you need MBT's???

The war between Russia and Ukraine kinda shown the "small, interventionist" style we were going for in EU isn't exactly the way the war of tomorrow might look. Interventionism doesn't work if 50k people rush you assisted by artillery and tanks. I took this conflict as an example cause it really was a wake up call in EU as far as I'm aware.

I'm not too familiar with the state of the EU military when it comes to the equipment itself. All tanks from the artistic point of view seem to be a copy-paste of the US Abrams ^^ We'll see if PL-01 inspires something more interesting. In Japan they work on giant Mechas, If I see an armored Mecha with a Gatling gun casually walking down the streets it will make my day.

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.