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I don't think many people would disagree. In the end Germany with their " Pyfekt , JA VOHL" MG42 lost. And there's a reason for it. For every 8 man squad armed with an MG42 2 more men had to follow them with ammunition.
In the meantime M1 Garands assisted with BARs (Or cal.30 on larger operations) could output similar firepower. Well, not similar but it allowed suppressing fire to be effective.

Also after the war Americans used some of the MG42 systems and ...nerfed them. Because of the above. That's how the M60 was born. Rambo exists because of it. We can salute the MG42 for giving us Rambo + a tragic backstory for our civilization and leave it here.

I have a BAR Model D lying around somewhere (I'm really going to have to stop doing that!) Nice gun, only downside being the bottom-loading mag which limits it to 20 rounds; of course FN famously fixed that by making a minor change to the locking mechanism and grafting on a belt feed, so the mag-less BAR Model D became the now very familiar MAG/GPMG/M240-or-whatever-the-US-Army-calls-it.

The M60 was a sort of mix of the FG42 (paratrooper gun, using an almost Lewis-style gas-riven rotating bolt; not a success because 8mm ammunition was way too powerful to be fired on full auto out of something so light, probably being at least one motivating factor behind the development of the StG44) and the MG42, at least its belt feed. Sounded good on paper but was beset by multiple really terrible design decisions: the most conspicuous being that the bipod and most of the gas assembly went on the "quick-change" barrel and the carrying handle on the gun instead of the other way round, making spare barrels unnecessarily heavy and bulky,leaving the gun with nothing to support it while being changed and requiring an asbestos glove due to the lack of carrying handle (heard horror stories about people who tried not using one...) And the tendency of the entire trigger mechanism to just fall off leaving the gun in a runaway firing state and so on. I think they eventually got it right many revisions later but by that time someone had finally decided, why don't we just use the MAG like everyone else?

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