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So the solution for this is relying on attack spells level 0 (cantrips) to recover the spell efficiency? Lol
This post was all about spell slots. Cantrips do not use it.

Just to explain some of DnD5e in case you don’t know. 99% of the spells forces a saving throw.

Please bring spells slots to the discussion which is clearly the main point of this post. Saying that cantrips help casters to feel less nerfed won’t help you.

I know you're speaking in hyperbole, but for the record / fun facts:

Total Spells in the Player's Handbook = 376

Spells that target any saving throws = 133

Spells that use attack (range/melee) = 26

There are 7 spells that fit into both categories above (i.e. make an attack and then a saving throw).

Source: D&D Beyond (Filtered by Source, Attack Type, and Saves)