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The stupidest run yet

2 Person Lvl 1 Poverty Run - Goblin's Camp Assassination Squad

Kill Minthara, Priestess Gut and Dror Razlin because you have a hankering for a party

Must remain level 1 and never level up.
May not abuse concentration to have camp dwellers buff you.
Full Poverty: May not equip use or even pick up any equipment, scrolls, throwables, consumables, nothing at all. Inventory must remain empty.
Equipment Allowed: A robe to protect your modesty, A plain quarterstaff.
May not buy, sell or pickpocket
May not learn spells from scrolls
2 person team. I'm using Shadowheart (with a plain robe and quarterstaff obviously) because she dies constantly but has guiding bolt
No Stealth once you make your first attack

Managed to do Minthara and Gut but Razlin is haaaaard; havent managed to come up with a decent strategy except for stealth yeet off throne which feels very cheap. I can kill him but can't escape before the rest of the squad merk me. If anyone is a top-tier masochist with a fetish for reloading then let me know how you managed this.

Edit: I was running half-wood elf wizard.

That sounds really difficult. I'd be interested in doing a full poverty run, but not without leveling up.