• Donkeys
  • Bard Class (heard already multi times its coming)
  • Song Blade weapons
  • More variety of weapons and armor
  • Masterwork weapons and armor instead of shooting straight to +1 gear
  • Spellplague / Spellscarred / Plaguelands (from what I've read so far this has been for the most part healed but some are still present)
  • Earth Nodes, Earthmotes, & Fey Sites
  • Rituals
  • Tools like grappling hook, sap, flint & tinder, etc
  • In-depth crafting system
  • Visible equipment on characters: backpacks, shields, rings, neckless, tools, etc
  • Tags in character creation for different starting locations for example: id like to originally come from Neverwinter
  • Proper weight system
  • Night/day cycle
  • Additional racial features for Halflings (they seem weak compared to other races/missing features)
  • Combat log more in-depth: id like to see EVERYTHING
  • I already know sneak attack is just one die then timed an multiplied, its not actually multi dice (been wondering if advantage is the same way), so actually make multi dice rolls pls.

  • Eladrin race (not sure if they made it to 5e also or not but supposedly when the two worlds became one Eladrin, dragonborn, warforged? came from the other world...right?)

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