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And yet, at the start of WW2 the UK, France and to some extent Russia (KV1 for eg) had better tanks with apparently better production rates than Germany. It was to a degree, surprise and good leadership (and probably a lot of luck) that led to the success of the blitzkrieg (or so I've read). War drives creativity and I think we saw that during WW2. I think if we ended up in another similar situation, we would see that same drive and creativity. AS long as we don't rely too heavily on code to fight our wars.... Or better still, focus on political and economic causes of conflict and prevent the bloody awful things in the first place. But how realistic is that really...

Not russia. Before the mass production of T-34 and it's variants, they were kinda screwed on this aspect. The same goes for France. Although you are right and their tanks were technically better than most of germans tanks apart from maybe the Panzer III ( and the german army was mostly PII /PI) they didn't use something that obvious as a radio. They were designed as infantry support vehicles and that's how they were deployed and behaved. Not too sure about UK state of tanks before 42.

The thing about leadership and lucke -> I would totally agree personally, read the same thing about the campaign in France. In Russia it was a bit different. I'm still not sure how the french just assumed sending 1 plane to scout the south of Belgium was not worth it but that's what they did and a gigantic german traffic jam went unnoticed laugh Their whole army was on 1 road for a few days and went unharmed. Like if that's not lucke not sure what is.

We'll see how it will go in the future wink In my opinion we'll go with the standard " Naaah, we don't REALLY have a war...." while the whole country just explodes.

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.