As I have mentioned somewhere on these forums before; the best tank is the one you have available. If your Char B is sat motionless because its wheeled logistics train is stuck in the roads jammed with refugees, then for all that engineering makes it a vulnerable pillbox and not a tank. As Rommel demonstrated. The German tanks in Normandy were badly positioned and struggled to move due to interdiction of their logistical support - even a King Tiger in that situation is less effective than a Sherman which is properly supported and available at the Schwerpunkt. Good tactical use of the tanks you have is also essential, of course, and that depends on communication and training.

Obviously, employment of armour is a major factor in a tank's usefulness. Throwing unsupported tanks against AT gun lines will lose you whole battalions of tanks that could have been battle-winning in other circumstances, and the heaviest tanks need major modification before being effective in built-up areas (and then only when well supported by accompanying infantry).

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