Oh my, so many things on my wishlist:

- a full subquest set in the Astral plane (I'm even prepared to put up with Gale for that to happen)
- Nettie as a companion (I'd really rather have her as my healer than annoying Shadowheart)
- Sorcerer with all sorcerous origins available as playable class
- cap on lvl 15, not 13, even if that means a much tougher act 3
- Possibility to romance Halsin, although I fear he is doomed to die at Moonrise Towers
- Encounter with Viconia in the Underdark
- Possibility to cast all spells, but making the most powerful ones very hard to acquire
- possibility to join society of Brilliance, or other organisations, the way we could join the Shadow thieves in BG2
- Proper explanation for why our super powerful companions are lvl1 at the beginning of the game (Gale is supposed to be a prodigy who had sex with a God, Shadowheart was entrusted by Shaarians with an important mission, and Wyll is supposed to be a legend in Baldur's Gate).