Hi there and thank you for making a wonderful game!

Some common bugs I've noticed:


When I use second button on the top floor of tower in Underdark (revealed by ring), my character spawns under the moving terrain (female drow).

2. Sometimes when I press Win+D (minimize all) while playing in pseudo-fullscreen mode (borderless window), I cant maximize it. But I can't reproduce this bug right now, maybe fixed? Playing with d3d11.

3. Sometimes when I use quick load (F8) it freezes at ~60%.

4. As noted above, it seems client has memory leaks (16+ GB after few hours of playing).

5. In some battles NPCs make their decisions very slowly (~10-15s) for my gaming PC.

And one critical bug:

6. There is no Menzoberranzan city with exclusive drow adventures. Fix it, please. :3

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