The BAR is too heavy and unwieldy for what it provides.
I would like to completely disagree with Vometia on the FG42. The initial versions required special steel that was in short supply and even the later redesigns could not be produced in large quantities. The wooden stock was its major weak point. It was hollow in order to make room for the recoil dampening system. If you can get your hands on a good reproduction (sadly no full auto), it is a great rifle and causes much less shoulder pain than the 98.
Of course the 303 didn't suffer the jamming issues in the Vickers gun. Beltfed weapons are immune to the kind of magazine chaos the form of the cartridge provokes. As far as I remember someone shot about a million rounds of 303 from a vickers gun (with lots of barrel changes) without a single jam. Curiously enough the water cooled Vickers is one of a few machineguns that can be legally owned by german citizens in germany.
There is a very nice swiss variant of the MG42, the MG51, which is very reliable and limited to approx. 1000 rounds per minute.

The tanks are obsolete thing has been going on a long time. Its about as longlived as the "battles never change anything" argument. There was a conference of proponents of said thesis in hastings of all places
BAE closed its tank facility at newcastle upon tyne in 2017. Britan can -to the best of my knowledge- not make new Tanks. They would have to build a new facility.

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