So, decided to give a no-items run a quick go, in the simplest terms. Specifically: no using any items, no buying or selling anything, and never equipping anything beyond unenhanced clothing. Look, it was funny running around in my underpants, but it was making the cutscenes a little weird. These rules applied to both PC and companions.

  • Sometimes items are forced onto you by NPCs, usually as quest rewards. By-and-large, these were quickly dropped on the floor shortly after enterring my inventory, usually directly in front of the NPC.
  • To free Volo, I convinced a goblin to hand me a key and used it to unlock his cage, before discarding it forever. Similarly, the Staff of Crones was picked up so as to be immediately fed to Gale. A dowry ring was picked up to be returned to its owner. Etc. Essentially, the bare minimum of item-interaction to get through quests. I was mostly fine 'using' items like this, although I tried to keep it to a minimum.
  • If you drop Shadowheart's mysterious box, she doesn't say anything, but it seems to keep mysteriously reappearing in your inventory. Spooky.

Enter Anna, wood elf and Cleric of Ilmater. Good Ilmater follower that she is, Anna long-ago swore a vow of poverty. She's a Light Cleric, which seems a little odd given that Ilmater's portfolio is the Life domain, but such are the mysteries of the divine. Other mysteries to ponder: why a Forgotten Realms elf is called Anna.

("Anna the Wood Elf Cleric, lvl 4")
[Linked Image]

Or, for a better look at her face:
[Linked Image]

The first discovery of the run was that the game's female underwear looks kinda weird. As I ran into companions, I was a little unsure how some of the mechanics would shake out. Would Astarion be worth bringing around for Sneak Attack? Nope: Sneak Attack *does* check for if you've got a melee weapon equipped, so no killer-punching allowed. Alas. Less gamechangingly, I also noticed that the Knock Unconscious button had been taken from me.

Unsurprisingly, I ultimately settled on a pretty caster-heavy party: Gale, Shadowheart, and a Wyll spec'd around Eldritch Blast. For the most part, party members were unfortunately left in the nud. I'm gonna be frank: at camp, at night, I felt bad for them. It looked cold. In fact, until I looted a tiefling corpse for some extra robes, I initially introduced myself to Gale by nicking his clothes.

("Gale I'm So So Sorry")
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I felt a little accused during this cutscene.

[Linked Image]
But I think it was at this point I decided to break my Vow of Abstinence and commit to romancing Gale later.

Since I couldn't use thieves' tools and generally wasn't picking up keys, Gale and Wyll became our new lockpickers -- in as much as blowing up a door counts as unlocking it. In general, my approach to combat involved trying to stay at range and using stealth to start combat in advantageous positions. Otherwise, I didn't do *too much* in the way of cheese, beyond shoving the hag and some goblin leaders into bottomless chasms when given the chance. Hey, if Mithara tries to run up and melee me when I'm standing next to the abyss, can you deny me my Shove? Invisibility was used once, to pickpocket the githyanki creche and solve things 'peacefully'. Otherwise I tried to avoid just outright skipping combat, although I (non-magically) stealthed past some enemies in the Underdark.

In the end, I didn't use the ithilid tadpole at any point. As a Cleric of Ilmater I was, in general, a total goody two-shoes, and took on the goblin leaders personally to relieve the tieflings of having to fight. Having royally pissed off the goblins and not wanting to teleport into a giant fight, I enterred the Underdark through the Whispering Depth. Also, to take the goblin camp pathway I think I'd have to pick up a key and then, like, use the key? That's sort of against my vow, probably.

Overall, build in the right ways and this challenge wasn't as hard as I thought it might be. I thought the low AC might bite me, but two Clerics with Healing Word backed up with sheer offensive blasting made this pretty workable. That said, I might load up the save and do some more in the Underdark, which should have some of the tougher fights; I did some quests there, and I did pretty much everything topside, but when you're in the Underdark, have been at the level cap for half your gametime, and the exit is right there, it's a little tempting to just waltz over and leave. You can do it pretty quickly as well, if you know where you're going.

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Yep, looked through the thread. It's maybe a little more interesting than what I did in some ways: if you're completing eschewing combat I don't think you really need that many items, so I mostly just stuck with quest completion and following those little non-tracked stories (owlbear cub, etc.) -- but if you're going after all the loot you have a bigger reason to explore around and get involved beyond the bare mimimum.

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