As far as I remember the dampening path for the FG42 is much larger than what the clever Czechs did for the Bren. Maybe some people from the factory at Brünn joined the FG42 development after the start of the occupation? They were often involved in the design of the most advanced rifles of the time. The SS renamed one of their most recent creations at the time of occupation the SS41. In my humble opinion the prettiest rifle ever made. Hard to get and I guess no ammo available these days. I wonder about the rights to the design. The locking mechanism reminiscent of a Tank is a thing of beauty and I would really like a 330 version.
"Guns are obsolete...Gimme a few lines of code instead."
Nah, they complement each other. Be a virtuoso in all things that come with Kali and find your opponent, then drop a bunch of good old 150mm shells on them. Combined arms is an evolving concept and encompasses C4ISR
"Edit: with regard to it being legal, I guess that's probably due to it being rather impractical."
Tempting thought. But we are talking about politicians. "Nazi stuff bad, lets limit it to guns produced prior to the third reich. Yeah. Most of these guns were water cooled, shall we ban the others? Whatever, just do it"

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