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Monk, but....

Well I'm pessimistic about Larian's ability to implement monks period. They already gave step of the wind to everyone for free, patient defense (dodge) hasn't been implemented but I have little reason to believe it won't be a bonus action for everyone as well. I'm fairly certain that shadow step will be nerfed in the name of game balance, which makes shadow monks much worse. On the flip side they might actually fix four elements monks, but I won't be holding my breath.

What makes you think that they are going to nerf shadowstep?
At most it gives you double the range of dash for movement speed for the cost of a bonus action. It's also already dependent on where shadows/dim light are located. Also, everyone already gets free advantage, so I doubt they'd remove that. I don't really see where there would be cause for nerfs.

Honestly shadowstep is far better than dash, it is a double ranged misty step (dash-disengage-fly) that has no cost other than a bonus action and the restriction that it begins and ends in an area of dim light or darkness that you can see. That little indicator shows just how prevalent dim light is in most environments. It is this way because the upper level shadow monk abilities are relatively weaker than most other monk subs and it fits thematically with the ninja-like fantasy. It is essentially the only real reason to play a shadow monk, IMO. But I honestly suspect they will add a limit to the ability to make it more in line with misty step, nerfing it into the ground. I honestly hope not, but I remain pessimistic at this point based on the action economy homebrew they are using.