Astarion is a bit of a hard fail as an evil character though.
I mean yes, he is a vampire and yes he does want to eat you, but he is always such a cheeky rascal that you can’t help but love him.

He is also never that bothered if you do good as long as you’re not whiter than Snow White and he often in talking to him never sounds anything more than a debonair chap who is a bit naughty but not the bad sort naughty, just you know, naughty.

In all seriousness, he is too accepting of a non evil play though (if he is supposed to be the evil one), and is hardly in your ear making nasty or manipulative suggestions, even in ironic jest.

Perhaps when character interventions are introduced, but otherwise he’s a overly charming vampire. You don’t expect good, but you’re not getting evil either. At worst he’s neutral evil and that’s a stretch.

Now, I’ll caveat that and say if you yourself play evil he might be the more impressed of the group, or you might access speech lines that you don’t get if you stay on the so called good quest line. Which means he might be playing the room, staying coy if you’re not evil, loving it if you are and if so I missed a trick, but i would love a truly nasty character in camp, one that whispers in your ear until you break and grin maniacally as you fall into his or her train of thinking, or you break and flat out kill them before you go mad.

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