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However, as of now, the background options for our player character haven't shown up much other than passive remarks in conversation. This is an understandable choice, there'd be far too much work to give further origins, but I wonder if perhaps there'd be a potential to give the player a relationship tree before the start of the game. Depending on the player's background choices and race and whatnot, perhaps they could have the option to know of various people before hand, like friends or enemies? Or perhaps even a text-based version of Xanathar's background rolling system. Things like rolling a d100 to see what life events had happened to you, siblings, parents, what kind of home you grew up in, special events that might have happened ot you, etc...? I think that could bring a great sense of agency already, giving the player the chance to have their character be pre-existing in the world and not just suddenly thrown in! It's just not often RPGs like this give the player that much freedom. Plus it would also give the game an insane amount of replayability. Say you played as a Tiefling from Elturel, you might have known about Zevlor before! Or even a druid who once knew Kagha... Etc...

I haven't found occasions to use my background (at the moment). Only race and class.

I would be happy to be able to choose some backstory elements from a list, that are a bit more specific than background, and have this affect dialogue options. Or just have background-induced dialogue options. For bigger things however, like people I know already, etc, it would be cool ... But. Two problems.

First, it will probably be too complicated for Larian, as it would mean catering for dozens of backstories.
Second, it will always be too restrictive for the players, however long the list is.

Even small things, like the Baldurian tag we are currently forced to have, are restrictive. Any assumption that Larian makes on the PC's backstory closes many doors. The good thing with the dialogue options, is that you don't have to pick them if that doesn't fully match your character.

I'd much rather they keep the freedom we currently have. Any addition will be fine, but I hope they don't remove the existing option of the fully-custom character, with race, class, backstory, ideals, personality ... all.

I think a good in-between addition would be to provide a couple of pre-determined, yet vague-enough, backstories, with no associated race+class. And still provide the options of choosing "none" for a fully custom character, or choosing to play as an Origins character for a fully developed backstory.

Hoping we'll be able to create great assumptions-free Custom Characters and be given great roleplay options.