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- I worry that companions will be hard-set and won't truly change throughout the story. Mainly because it's using 5e 'alignment' system and I never really liked that in the first place, it feels constraining. I think the easiest example I can think of is with Astarion who is quite CE but I hope that progressing through the game, we - the player - have chances to lead him onto a different path. Neither good nor bad, just give us the option to change opinions without sacrificing the way they see us. Essentially, I hope the work we put into relationships (platonic or romantic) is rewarded in a way. Again, with Astarion, I've been trying to appeal to his personality and humour but I also don't want to be a murder-hobo (which if you're going solely for his approval, he encourages) but in terms of his story, there's clearly hints of a confronation with Cazador (even the possibility of killing Cazador and allowing Astarion to become a full vampire) at which point I hope the work we've put into gaining his trust won't be thrown out just for 'the twist' or a random roll of the dice. I use Astarion as he's the easiest to think of examples for, but I hope it'll be like that with all the characters. I know everyone will want to play the game differently, some won't care about their companions whilst others do. I just hope that if we do actuvely try to appeal to them, we won't be shafted later down the line for the sake of a 'twist'. Like I've really been struggling to get Shadowheart's approval and sometimes it'll just go down because I failed a role, and it's a bit tricky. I'm fine with it taking longer, it's just I don't want my effort to then be thrown out the window!

Just want to say… That's what I'm most afraid of. In other games, no one good/kind character can be turned into evil. And I don't want evil to be treated differently.
People like you have a lot of other, kind or neutral characters. Use this. Don't push the arc of redemption to evil character, it's not fair to those who act like evil.

For example Wyll leave you after ‘evil way’, and we can't change that. So why should you be able to "change" a character like Astarion? Just because he's evil and not kind? Nah

I'm worried about it. If developers follow this way, the approval system will turn into garbage. Astarion only approves of dirty and evil choices. It sounds like he suddenly has to approve of your good choices. But this is just stupid.

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