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RTWP or realtime with autopause whatever you want to call that, like in baldurs gate 1 and 2 is preferable anything else is too slow, you are wasting time, you are watching the monitor/tv for other npcs to take their sweet time, the current system is ALREADY too slow in combat with more than 4 hostiles/adversaries ,the attack/defense @ the damned druid grove, or the goblin camp or the underdark , goood grief.......awfully sssllloowwww.( only because of the current system )

i hate watching other npcs take their whatever to do whatnot and 'plot their next move.." ,especially since the first 2 games had rtwp at any rate realtime combat with pause is needed, NOT as a replacement but as an option/alternate option to the current one.

Can you be a little more constructive?
Why do you think that developers should spend precious development time adding real-time combat mechanics with active pause?
Better to spend this time improving existing mechanics and fixing bugs.
In fact.
BG3 was released with turn-based battles. Most of those who bought and went through Early Access loved it. This is indicated by both the Larian poll and the reviews in Steam.

So far, all the "hype" around the turn-based battles in BG3 looks like trolling from a small group of people who just want to get angry at something. And it saddens me.

I dont think you can really say that man. While I agree that its probably not realistic to expect that RTWP will be part of the game, and I also agree that the game works really well with turn based combat, I dont think its fair to say that the people wanting RTWP are coming from a place of dishonesty, or that their intentions boil down to trolling.

It may be a small group of people, but its more likely they are longtime fans of the series and its what theyve always known. Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 were RTWP. Its not out of the realm of the reasonable for longtime fans to have expected that a game called "Baldurs Gate 3" would be similar mechanically to the previous iterations.

You arent wrong in what you say, at some point, those people are going to have to come to grips with the fact that BG3 is different, and either accept and embrace it, or move on.
But trolling? No I dont think so. There are passionate viewpoints on both sides.

One could say that dismissing their opinions as trolling is equally not constructive.

I agree. Perhaps I did not put it that way.
I meant people who want developers to do real-time battles, but do not give objective arguments why this should be done.
And I was talking about "hype" in the entire information space.
While writing a message on the Steam forum. There, a very large part of the argument sounds like "I want". And all this goes in a circle.
And it looks like trolling to me.

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