Asterion strikes me as a "I will saw the branch we are all standing on because altruism is for losers" brand of evil companion. It seems he approves of pretty much every single act of cruelty, no matter how petty and counterproductive, and disapproves of nearly all good acts, even if they benefit you. There are even a few evil acts he disapproves of if you do not take the requisite amount of sadistic glee in it, such as if you raise Mayrina's husband as a zombie and do not find it amusing.

More on topic.

Kagha's child killing scene. I found it mustache-twirlingly evil. Very in my face. Honestly, especially since the game gives her a route of redemption, I found it all rather unnecessary. Her redemption, to me, feels far more believable if the kid is not killed off.

To me, the attitude of the druids, especially how Kagha took control, seems very disconnected from how events actually are. From the way the adventurers and Zevlor spoke of it, it sounds Halsin has been out on a stroll for a few days at most. The druids, however, speak as if Halsin has been gone for months. Considering how xenophilic Halsin seemed to be, how did Kagha so quickly turn every single druid to her side? They only learned that Halsin is MIA minutes after you show up at the grove. It was not like he was off on some suicide mission, he was expected to return up until then. How did they decide that all hope is lost and to fire up the ritual in that small a time frame?