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Kagha does have a point. Maybe the devs could improve her character by offering a clearer explanation why the refugee situation is unsustainable. If the druids are truly in a desperate situation it would make the choice of the player even harder
I don't know if Kagha is supposed to have a point. The story does everything in its power to present her has obviously in the wrong and the refugees are;
  • Constantly about to leave
  • Fending off monsters on their own while the Druids perform the fuck off ritual
  • Chalked up as the "good" side in a conflict where the "bad" side is an outside force bent on destroying everyone, including the Druids

Moreover, Olodan and her cabal are another outside force independent of the Absolute trying to do evil that you cannot side with. In the best case scenario when Kagha is outed but spared and Olodan is killed, the grove is still as xenophobic as ever. Only Kagha herself can have a change of heart, but her brothers and sisters remain resentful. It's almost as if Halsin is completely in the wrong about everything he believes and totally ignorant of the reality he finds himself in. It would be bizarre and hilarious to have him come clean about this when he joins your camp, that he basically goes: "whew, finally got out of that rat's nest, I had no control whatshowever" and then Apukisis' corpse falls out of the sky.

And then there's this.
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To me, the attitude of the druids, especially how Kagha took control, seems very disconnected from how events actually are. From the way the adventurers and Zevlor spoke of it, it sounds Halsin has been out on a stroll for a few days at most. The druids, however, speak as if Halsin has been gone for months. Considering how xenophilic Halsin seemed to be, how did Kagha so quickly turn every single druid to her side? They only learned that Halsin is MIA minutes after you show up at the grove. It was not like he was off on some suicide mission, he was expected to return up until then. How did they decide that all hope is lost and to fire up the ritual in that small a time frame?
All good points. What timeframe is this even taking place in? The more you investigate Halsin's circle the more it seems like he is lying to you about his beliefs and style of leadership, but the game makes no effort to present this as an option to you. We can only assume he is lying because we have knowledge the player character does not and can infer a conclusion based on that, but that doesn't fly in the game itself.