I have seen a lot of threads, where people repeat a common misconception about natural 20 and 1 rolls in D&D 5e. Although in those threads the misconception was pointed out, I wanted to clarify here when a natural 20 or 1 on a d20 has a special meaning. And the number of rolls those numbers effect are quite low.

# Attack Roll
- 20: Critical Hit. Automatic hit. Double damage dice, targets at 0 hit points loose two death saving throws.
- 1: Critical Miss.

# Death Saving Throws
- 20: Regain 1 hit point.
- 1: Fail two death saving throws.

These are the only instances where natural 20s or 1s have special effects in D&D 5e, as far as I know. They do not affect ability checks or saving throws, unless you house rule it otherwise.

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