Been contemplating for a few hours. I have come to one conclusion. Acceptance.

"Flux" has to be taken into consideration as well. Think about it. "Good. Bad. Bad. Good Good Get rewarded. Get punished. Sleep on the couch. Get in my bed."

Each person. Each situation. Always adapting. I don't fear confusion and chaos. I find peace and happiness in it. I think chaos get misunderstood a lot. "Out of control" is ONE type of chaos. But chaos can also have control. Especailly when you have support.

Hmm... There's a thought. You can't really alignment yourself if you need support. Not in single player games anyway. Some things are only possible with others. A reason for that control. Or a reason to be lost and confused while being guided with happiness. Puts things into perspective doesn't it?

Btw, lawful is something I consider harmful. Due to fear. Lawful people "fear monsters" easily. Not all kobolds are evil. As I've had to tell a paladin in Neverwinter Nights 1. My logic always adds up. Turns volatile situations around in my real life too. Even with my back against a wall. It's not about choice alone. It's also "automatic response". Habits. What matters is the RESPONSE. How you respond to a situation. Regardless of the situation. A lawful good paladin can be just as close minded and abusive as a chaotic evil out of control demon. But if the logic adds up, it adds up. BG2. The one giant demon in that building that attacks you on sight. You don't FIGHT it. You HEAL it.

I used to go with chaotic good. But now I see sense in chaos. And now none of it applies and it has to be together. because that's what we all are. Two sides of the ever spinning, ever turning coin. In each moment that changes. With each person we face.

How can you possibly align that?

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