This has been going on for quite a while now and as mentioned before, it is a matter of opinion and preferrence. I played BG1 and 2 because i love AD&D/D&D and played every game i knew of. My first game was Pool of radiance on the C64. I really dislike RT combat, active pause or not yet i still played the BG series and Icewind Dale-if i remember correctly planescape:torment also has RT combat (awesome story btw).
I was positivly happy to see BG3 having TB combat. Last time was ToEE and the remake of pool of radiance if i remember correctly.

It all goes down to me preferring TB over RT.

What would really help is a comment of the development team if there is a chance of getting an RT option or not.

You could always limit the input times for your turn and have the character act on his next "turn". That could get pretty close to real time without losing the actual TB feeling completly.