immersion yes but immersion in a HIGH DARK FANTASY SETTING with ROMANCE.

Think of it this way. Your ass is going to get cold if you don't have anything to cover it. It's not just about style. It's about functionality. Allow me to break YOUR immersion right now.

A number of people enjoy the attention. Or where that attention can lead too. That's fine. Lae'zel is quite like that. Can see it working with her. In fact, she actually gets into a revealing outfit when you romance her. So technically it's already in the game. Was this factored in?

Some characters are more well guarded. Mistrustful. Shadowheart isn't going to be wearing that kind of armor. It would ATTRACT attention. She keeps to the shadows. She wants to AVOID attention. Was this factored in?

Also, you said it yourself. Romance. But romance and revealing clothing are aren't always mutual. In fact, less so considering people focus on things like candlelit dinners instead. You would have had a stronger argument if you had went "Intimacy" instead of romance.