Nebuul; Thanks for pointing that the 'switch' on great weapon master - excellent.

I'm finishing up my second playthrough, this time as a Life Cleric. A couple more suggestions/observations for the developers to consider:

- The high ground mechanic is too powerful. Once you learn how to exploit it most combats are too easy. It should really be toned down some. Maybe a +2 to hit rather than full advantage (which is +5).
- Why does the AI insist on pummeling characters that are already down and making savings throws? It really doesn't make sense. A downed character is out for a minimum of 3 rounds, assuming they make all their saving throws (well, unless they roll a 20, assuming that mechanic is in BG3.) In a 'real' fight, wouldn't you switch focus to an enemy that could still hurt you rather than finishing off a helpless enemy. Plenty of time to end 'dead' enemies after the fight is over.
- When you take a long rest, only the 4 members in your 'active' party are healed and regain spell slots. Seems strange, and penalizes if you want to change out party members during the day.
- Is it just me or do all characters currently making death saving throws always die? I've never had one roll 3 saves and get back up.
- When combat ends and a PC is making death saves, turn based mode should not end. You should have time to get to them and Help or heal them before they die.
- Again, is it just me, or does the AI always seem to target the PC with the lowest hit points? Doesn't always seem to make sense who the AI attacks, bypassing a closer enemy, or one doing them more damage.
- Where are the Cleric spells, Toll the Dead, Spiritual Weapon, Word of Radiance?!! It seems the Cleric was intentionally underpowered for reasons I can't imagine. Spiritual Weapon with Spiritual Guardians (when we get 3rd level spells) is bread and butter for a cleric. Clerics are supposed to be good in combat, not just heal-bots.
- How can the PC's take damage when the program is moving them through ground effects? I'll move my lead character carefully around something like fire, and the other PC's just run through it?!? And actually take damage.
- Has Devil's Sight been fixed yet?
- Is there a way to change the direction your character facing? Since it matter for the enemy to hit you, you should be able to turn them without using movement.
- Again, the long rest short rest thing needs to be addressed. Since there is already a built in time pressure to get the tadpole out of your head, use that as a mechanism to deter taking long rests too often. If you take to many long rests the tadpole does something bad to you. Then allow 2 or 3 short rests a day. This will make martial characters stronger in relation to spellcaster, since spellcasters will have to ration resources. It also helps balance the Warlock versus the Wizard. Reduce the number of scrolls. Make it so casters can only use scroll for their class, and that Wizards can only learn wizard spells from scrolls.
- With the power of the high ground mechanic Repelling Blast is crazy powerful. Enemies blasted off high ground should take fall damage, and they do not. But, even with that, just knocking them down is a real penalty (maybe that's why they don't take damage?) I'd rather see the high ground advantage reduced and fall damage included.

A few bugs I ran into:
- I did the 'free the Artist' side quest, and for some reason when I returned to the Hideout everyone attacked me. Happened at least 3 times. I reloaded, did some other things, and tried again and it worked fine.
- I found out Khaga was with the evil druids and confronted her. When I confronted her, she said "What!" and the scene locked up. I switched characters and was able to move around, while all the other characters had the dialog balloons showing they were still talking. I was able to go to Khaga, attack her, and just wail away on her until I killed her. She didn't respond at all. After she died, combat started between the PC's and some of the Druids against other druids. I never saw the evil druids at all.
- I tried to get the owlbear cub at the goblin camp. I used animal speaking to talk to the cub. I passed the rolls to have it run through the posts at least three times, but it never worked.
- With Gut, I followed her back to her room and attacked her. Since the first thing she does is yell for help, I cast a silence spell. When her turn came, she still yelled for help and goblins responded, even with the silence spell in effect!

Lastly, Shadowheart is a very weak build. I used a gold dwarf with better strength and con and the character was much more effective. Overall, the Cleric class could use some help by getting real attack spells.