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We can only hope Larian puts a ton of work into improving the writing of the evil storyline. There is no incentive to side with the goblins and the rewards are just abysmal. And you end up feeling like an idiot after the narrator tells you about power and authority 30 times, yet all the goblins end up turning against you after you did the dirty work.

This isn't an evil storyline, its a "go on a muder spree for no reason, even though you are about to turn into a squid" storyline. It makes no sense. I would have expected this path to strengthen the connection to your tadpole and offer you amazing powers like the dream scenes. Best rewards and best part of EA for sure. The connection to the absolute needs to be explained better, feels like they Showup out if the blue. There is no reason to side with them, they never promise any help with your tadpole situation.
Thought this and the comment after it were interesting.
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It's made all the more confusing by Larian encouraging people to play the evil storyline.

Like, they must have been somewhat proud of it, otherwise they would have marked it as a work in progress, but no they outright tried to present it as a valid choice to be made.
Larian wants to incentivize the player IRL to do evil but kind of forgot to do it ingame.