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I mean, the difference in levels between a party of 4 and a party of 2 is not going to be that much, 1 at most. I don't think there is much danger of a smaller party becoming too powerful.

It's unrealistic that you'd face any # of goblins as an 8th level wizard (XP equivalent to a 4th or 5th level party).

Well, if the XP during the EA was done off of a split instead of the way it is done now, you potentially would. Its possible to get to level 4 before the goblin camp already, quite easy in fact.

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A more apt comparison would be facing 2-3 minotaurs. Do you think a level 8 wizard could easily kill 2-3 minotaurs?

Yes, because I have no issues killing the 2 minotaurs in the Underdark at level 4 on a Wizard, Ranger or Warlock solo, without abusing stealth, during the EA as is.
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And sure, you might play small parties because you like managing less characters. But I'm arguing that the game might be impossible to play with this lessening of exp for small parties. I'm not arguing that solo players should have an easier time than party-of-4 players.

Now, encounter balance is difficult, so you might be right. This is something that only detailed encounter testing can reveal.

I would be surprised if it is impossible, considering it would be awarding more XP than is currently awarded now and its already possible.