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Yeah, I'm not sure what the "evil" path is even about. When I went to the Goblin camp and it was presented to me, my first thought was "Why? Why is this a choice? Why would I do this?"

It's like the evil character is meant to be stupid or just do things for no reason.

IMO, better evil dilemmas would Auntie Ethel giving power or knowledge for eliminating the brothers. Kagha offering their magic to limit the ceremorophisis process and giving more chances to use its power without transforming in exchange for eliminating the Teiflings or forcing them out, knowing it's likely their deaths.

That's true.. Auntie Ethel just reveals her knowledge when she could trade. Make you do something evil and horrible for her. And trick the player in a true hag fashion while doing it so you get another motive to kill her so you don't miss out on a fun fight either.

Shadow Druids, same thing. "Do this for us just because". No motivation for getting rid of the tieflings related to what is driving the player at the moment.

It's like they miss every opportunity to let the player make an evil choice that is motivated by their own plot device. Maybe the tadpole is meant to stay and give you cool bonus actions no matter what and that's interfering with the storytelling.