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Well, if the XP during the EA was done off of a split instead of the way it is done now, you potentially would. Its possible to get to level 4 before the goblin camp already, quite easy in fact.

I do think that the XP gain needs to be reduced for the EA areas. Especially for the earlier levels. You can go from level 1 to 3 in like, what, an hour or two?
They'll definitely need to adjust exp if they don't want people to reach level 6-7 by the end of Act 1 (I'm assuming Moonrise Tower is technically in Act 1..?)

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A more apt comparison would be facing 2-3 minotaurs. Do you think a level 8 wizard could easily kill 2-3 minotaurs?

Yes, because I have no issues killing the 2 minotaurs in the Underdark at level 4 on a Wizard, Ranger or Warlock solo, without abusing stealth, during the EA as is.

Hmm okay. I stand corrected. Ranger I can understand (animal companion?), but how do you do it as wizard/warlock? I'm curious. Kiting back using misty step and mirror image??