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It's like they miss every opportunity to let the player make an evil choice that is motivated by their own plot device. Maybe the tadpole is meant to stay and give you cool bonus actions no matter what and that's interfering with the storytelling.

I originally didn't care for the tadpole, but it's the perfect motivator for evil choices, but it's never utilized.

A good character would never use it, they'd want to get rid of it at all costs, even to their detriment at times.

An evil character would think how they can get rid of it, but would also consider how it could be used for their gain.

There could be tons of characters that could make use of the plot device for evil decisions. Raphael could convince the PC to sacrifice their own good companions for instance.

It's a huge wasted opportunity at present. Hell, with all of the dialogue options, there should be ways to deceive NPCs to do things your way.