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Yeah kiting with misty step then killing with Magic Missiles using the amulet for wizard. Warlock is a bit tougher, you need to break line of sight occasionally and it relies a lot more on EB spam.

Hmmm I partly take back my concession of "standing corrected".

Your BG3 wizard is much more powerful than a typical 4th level wizard would be. 5e raw if you misty stepped away, you wouldn't be able to also cast Magic Missile. So this method depends on whether Larian will leave in the ability to cast a non-cantrip spell and a bonus action spell in the same turn. If they don't, you're restricted to casting firebolt, which would do much less damage.
The magic missile amulet is also OP.

Pretty sure the ranger's summons are also fairly OP in BG3's current state.

Warlock...I'll give that to you. Although "breaking line of sight" sounds suspiciously like abusing the enemy AI :P