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What the hell are you talking about?

Well, that’s a full phrase. 4 bars + 4 pars. Question and answer. Evoking what? Working song, military cadense, sea shanty. Not quite but something of that kind. Leader calls, mob responds. Simple, yes, repetitive, yes, but effective and appropriate for the intended effect,

I just don’t think songs there are any good. Actually, playthrough I am watching got to one of them, and I found it difficult to sit through whole of it. Just repeating same two bars and not going anywhere. Compared to, let’s say song from White March, which is more stylistically appropriate, has proper chord progression and nice melody arc, and isn’t stuck on repeat as if the record broke.


Not going to argue about tastes, but you're comparing a ballard with a romance by complexity. That's somewhat wrong approach. It's in genre of one to be complex and tell the whole story and in genre of another one to be simple and even repetitive.