I believe the offer of easy outcomes by using the tadpole and thus power is an attempt at motivation, but if I’m evil I’m not stupid.

Until someone confirms I’m not about to turn all mr tentacles and lose my life, I’m not seduced. So until then I need other opportunities to express my less than altruistic self, such as stabbing Nettie with that bloody branch of thorns and torturing an answer out of her with a promise of antidote. The cow...

Or offering the dark Druid to dispose of her Tiefling issue in return for help, luring the Tiefling a out and then letting them get massacred by the goblins, potentially stabbing the goblins in the back afterwards to make sure they don’t present a threat down the line.

None of that helps me with the tadpole? Then I’m gone.

Want players to be seduced by the tadpole? Maybe Raphael should suggest that we are being manipulated and our fate sucks two fold as either the manipulation ends and we go full mindflayer, or we stay controlled for someone’s nefarious purposes... oh controlled you say, not going to instantly die? Ok... maybe I’ll take my chances and let myself be seduced, I’ve got this, the power boost is quite handy whilst I’m figuring it out.

Obviously I know now, but the story should make sense the first time you play it.

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