I'm so flabbergasted over how people are reacting in regards to this. Spewing tantrums and accusations.

Folks, Larian warned you that EA was not for someone who wanted a finished product. By purchasing EA, you are paying access to the game early to help in creating the final product, to make the best of THEIR project, not dictate what their game should. That is Larian's decision to make, they are the developers, we aren't. We chose to consume this early, we chose to help out by finding bugs and such. Our purchase does not mean we get to twist their arm and tell them what to do. Our purchase does not make us the developer, we are not in charge. This is their product that we decided to consume early and now you're whining about it. Shouldn't have bought early access if you can't handle slow updates and lots of work. For all we know, they are very overwhelmed by several criticisms and are trying to come up with an attack plan. I'd rather not have an update until I have a full plan of action.

Anyone with game development experience knows that creating a set schedule, meeting those deadlines, and adding MORE on top of that, is difficult especially when each decision is worth thousands of dollars. Mass Effect 3's Citadel DLC had a scene where a toothbrush was rendered for a single moment. They admitted just to have that render took thousands of dollars. Curb your negativity and wait. The customer is not always right. That is why we have these forums to discuss the bugs and suggestions, not tell a successful game development company they are trash because "Senpai" didn't notice you.

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